2005-08-25: Walk in the rain

Not much has happened over the last few days. Edyta and I have begun the self-imposed do-nothingness that will be stuck in until will find work. Tomorrow Edyta is planning to look into some temp packing work that will last to Christmas. I'm still looking for some decent computer contracts. I find the internet access a little awkward. The library is okay but limited to 1 hour a day and you don't have a lot of control over what you can do on the machine. The nearby internet cafe is a true dive. I went in today to do some more work. The first machine I tried wasn't turned on. The second didn't have a mouse. The third worked but I wish it didn't have a mouse. Someone must have blown their nose on it and then wiped it off with blue-tak. The thing was disgusting. The access was a bit slow too. And I had to move the part filled ash-tray out of the way before I could begin work. Luckily the hour only cost me ?1.5 instead of the ?3 I was quoted.

Queens Park, Swindon

We went for a walk today. We ranged out in the opposite area that we've walked in. We ended up in the 'colourful' area of town, or as I'm guessing the poorer area, because the place looked a bit dirtier. And it was full of take-away food shops. Oh, there is a funny thing with this place, all the fish and chip shops are run by Chinese. It is so odd walking past the Hang Hing Fish and Chip shop.

During the walk the weather turned on us. Luckily I had a jacket. Unfortunately Edyta didn't. So when things balanced out I was cold and wet dashing from one tree to another trying to find our way back home. Edyta was wrapped in an oversized jacket tramping along in the rain.

Not much more will be happening. There is a long weekend coming up (bank holiday), however Edyta and I struggle to remember what day of the week it is at the moment. We are planning a small trip though, hoping that won't blow out our ?5 daily spending limit.