2005-09-15: Feel the info super highway

Good news everybody! No, not that I got that job. No, not that Edyta and I will be off to France for a bit soon. No, I have internet in the flat! And the best thing it is free. Yay! It seems that someone has left an unsecured wireless network on, and lets just say that I am, um, borrowing, some of this networks bandwidth. It's a victomless crime I say! Anyway it is just as well this individual has done this for us as I was trying to connect a dial-up account only to discover that Austel certified modems are not suitable for UK lines (at least the one in my laptop isn't). That is a real bugger too, because the install disc seems to have repeated the disaster I inflicted on Lorry's computer once with an AOL install. Seems I can't get rid of it, it has stopped IE being able to work and Firefox goes nuts if it is run without a network connection. Something to solve later.

Now, onto work. £30000 per annum, which means a bit of a cut in living standards (this is about what I got in Australia, however the cost of things is a hell of a lot more - in terms of rent - than I had to pay back home). Add to this the travel costs from Swindon to the work place could be over 100 pounts a week (I still have to look into this). Edyta is planning for us to move closer to my work, so it looks like we'll be off to Reading (and breaking 1 month into a 6 month contract; who says we're stayers!)

Reading town houses

Reading itself is just another city/town, however the Thames is a little bigger and prettier there. I went in early while waiting for the interview and found little to do to pass the time so I bought a second hand Buffy book. After reading it I knew I was right never to trust fan-fiction. I did find it interesting though that later when reading through a Buffy comic in the library (in which none of the characters remotely looked like the TV characters) that there was a couple of panels that drew pictures that the novel expanded into a whole different story. I wonder which came first? But I can't be bothered to look at the publishing dates to solve it.

Well I better send this before the network connection drops again. It is a very weak signal and I don't want to abuse it to much (I don't want the guy to wise up after all). Till next time then, party on dudes.