2005-09-23: Could've been a classic

Not much happened this week. Edyta and I went to Reading. Then I went back again the next day to go to Twyford so that I could find how to get to work. Seems Twyford has no public service beyond Train and Taxi. It is a good thing work turned out to be only 30 minutes walk away (however that may stop when the rain really kicks in). But all my plans may be for nothing, it seems Great Western Train Lines wants to have a strike on Oct 3 - the first day I start work and the only way I have to get from here to Twyford.

Over the Thames in nice Caversham

In the park where a king fought some of his rebel subjects once

The remnants of Reading Abbey, where priests fought pagans once

The Oracle shopping centre

The office at Twyword, ours is the top floor

Games Workshop, Reading

We are off to France for a week tomorrow. Other than planning a bit for that I've mostly been sitting around. Thank god for this free internet and my buying the laptop (worth every second of the drama in getting it now).

I did have a really cool idea for a travel email but now that I have limited time I may shelve it for later. Soon the way I present the emails may the most interesting things happening, I think once I start work it will be two months or so till I'm happy that I'm not a pauper anymore.

Till next I write (which will be a fantastical French story in the true style, emperors, empresses, big nosed Frenchies and crude French accents with which to mock you).