2005-10-22: Lost

I lost my wallet on Friday on the way to picking up a car so we could move to Reading this weekend. I lost it at the train station and realized when I was on the train (of which I ran to get because of the slow line serving tickets). By the time I got back to the station the wallet was nowhere to be seen. So that included my Visa card, by bank card, my drivers license and £120 in cash.

I had £3 on me and had to call back to work to get a loan of the £20.50 to get back to Swindon. Now I've had to cancel my visa card and my bank card. I won't be able to get a drivers license till I get back. The Visa will take forever to get through to me and I won't have the money to pay the double rent and cover the extra transportation cost, so I've had to empty out more of my home loan to cover living over here. I still have to sort out transportation for next week, hopefully that can be cheap.

So hopefully things will get better. Probably when we're back in Australia. Things are always better back in Australia.