2005-10-29: Have word, haven't internet

Hello All.

There are bound to be plenty of stories to come from me yet. After all, the last email I sent told of the despair before the move. After that we actually had to move, and then I had to adjust to the new requirements for getting to work.

Our flat, top right

One of the other requirements is that our new house is in an internet neutral hotspot. The first day in I could sit outside and use someone elses internet, but I don't receive it inside. Since then Edyta has reported being unable to connect in or out, so I have to get some internet for home. Till then it is only the occasional email from my office's internet (we do have it now).

So hello to all, and wait for more of my tales of misery/hilarity to follow. By the time I'm back on line the photo gallery on the website should be updated too.