2006-01-07: Florence, blah

We finished Florence today. It is a city. There are many churches, quite a few that charge to go into them. There is a river with a big bridge. The bridge is covered in stores selling gold, and tourists struggling to get a clear path for a photograph. The river bank with a good view of the bridge is filled with hawkers selling the same goods (all at 50% off the unlisted price). There is an old citadel that is a low bastion with some buttresses and a cover charge to enter. There are narrow streets of buildings towering overhead, often covered in scaffolding, and full of hawkers selling goods in street markets. Many of the churches also are full of old Italians going to Mass. We even saw an active confessional for once. Tourists filled the main Florence city centre so that it was impossible to get a little bit of free space.

Pink Cows!

Bridge over the river in Florence

A shopping precint

Open air museum

GW stockist

Holy mini-cows

Last look at the apostles

Parking problems

Honestly there isn't much to recommend this city. Some of the days highlights include: